Bring your completed application,background  

  check, and membership dues to our board meeting

   which is the 1st Saturday of every month for review,

 then attend the regular club meeting at 1 pm the same

 day to be voted in!

 (Right-click, "Save" and print!)

   Annual membership Fees: $75.00 per

  person. Single members after first year:     $50.00 per person. Married couples:           $65.00 Camping lots are now

  $400.00 per year!!!

​   Click below for I.S.P. criminal           background check information

 You should receive a response within 24  hours. Or you can call us at: 812-877-3279 and leave a message.

​Thank You For Your Interest!!!

    Mailing Address:


         P.O. 292

   Seelyville, In. 47878

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