You may pick up a membership 

  application, background check form

  including instructions from our

  courtesy box under our mail box

  at 10382 Grotto Road, Terre Haute,

  Indiana. 47805 Or leave a message

  at the above number and we'll get

   back to you

  Bring your completed application,and background  

  check to our regular board meeting which is the 1st

 Saturday of every month at 10:00 am  for an interview

   and a 30 day wait. If accepted, then attend the next 

    regular club  meeting the next month at 1 pm to be   

    voted in!

   Annual membership Fees: $75.00 per

  person. Single members after first year:     $50.00 per person. Married couples:           $65.00 Camping lots are now

  $400.00 per year!!!

    Mailing Address:


         P.O. 292

   Seelyville, In. 47878

 You should receive a response within 24  hours. Or you can call us at: 812-877-3279 and leave a message.

​Thank You For Your Interest!!!

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