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"Campfire Stories Of The Night Sky"


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Come celebrate the upcoming season of Halloween with a night of unique and facinating stories from the night sky. Come sit around the campfire and hold each other tight as Astronomer-in-Residence James C. Wallace II regales visitors with stories of the various constellations that circle high above and across the heavens.
Bring your marshmallows and hot dogs and prepare to take an adventure into the world of night-time mythology… with a somewhat spooky twist.
The Vigo County Conservation Club hosts its monthly Eye-On-The-Sky event on Saturday, October 28, starting at 7:30pm as evening twilight gives way to the dark shadows of night.
There will be a campfire roaring as the stars come out from their daytime slumber and put on their nightly show and children of all ages, from 8 to 80 are invited to dress warmly and embrace the night.
There will also be stories of a king who pierced the night sky following a bloody, yet empty victory; and of a hunter’s sad fate at the claws of an angry mama bear; and an evil queen and her lust for power, even at the cost of her own life.
The event will last about an hour or so… and for those who are brave enough (and only those brave enough), the storytelling culminates in a night-time walk to a nearby pioneer graveyard in the woods for the final tale of tragedy and horror.
For those not brave enough to venture into the realm of graves, the comfort of the fire and its flickering shadows will reassure you while you wonder if we’ll ever return from the dark forest. Hopefully, your cocoa won’t get cold…
As usual, there is no charge for attending this event

  In keeping with the mission of the Vigo County Conservation

 Club, James C. Wallace II; Astronomer-in-Residence will be

 hosting his night sky  educational program, entitled:

 Wabash Valley’s Eye On The Sky, a monthly  program devoted

 to observing  and learning about the night sky above the  Wabash Valley. This program is

 open to the general public and is free-of-charge. This program

 will feature educational talks about the constellations,  planets,

 lunar lore and observations of the International Space Station  (when visible).

    The Wabash Valley’s Eye on the Sky program is a monthly

 program devoted to current night sky  events,  however; these

 programs are  weather-dependent and will not occur during

  inclement weather or  cloudy  skies.


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